Tuesday, January 04, 2011

A review of Ringo for Android

From PalmAddicts:

The first thing that I noticed with Ringo compared to other apps like it was the speed and performance. Other applications I've used take a good few minutes to load the large selection of ringtones I have on my mobile - Ringo didn't. Another thing that really stood out was how easy the interface is! The buttons are large and readable, making it easy to navigate. It's really all self explanatory - you're able to quickly silence your mobile, put it into the 'vibration' mode or put it on loud, which I found really neat. 

Ringo really lets you go to town on your mobile and customise it to exactly how you want it to notify you, something that Android slightly lacks - you can enable popups when you get SMS's, change the rate of the LED blinking and even turn on 'Escalating Ring', which gradually increases the volume of the ringtone, something that I miss from back in the day when I had a little Nokia 3310.

Another thing I found pretty awesome was the idea of changing the way your phone notifies dependent on the contact who's calling/sms'ing you.

Ringo is a breath of fresh air in terms of customising your SmartPhone - It's so easy to use, honestly anybody could get the hang of it within seconds! 

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