Monday, January 31, 2011

Review: HanDBase for Android

From GearDiary:

HanDBase is one of those mobile app titles that anyone who has been around mobile devices for a while will surely recognize. HanDBase, by DDH Software, was introduced for Palm OS initially, eventually migrating to Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iOS, and now Android. While I don’t use database programs extensively, I have used one program or another for a long while to track media collections or other forms of inventories.

If you’re new to HanDBase, it is a relational database program with cross-platform availability, including Mac and PC desktop versions with a sync conduit. The desktop software has the ability to import either comma separated or tab delimited files, which are then stored as pdb files (yes, the old Palm database format). Because a lot of folks who may be collecting information for databases may want to enter that information in a sequence of format that is easier to use than staring at a straight database sheet, HanDBase also includes a forms designer that allows the user to create customized data entry forms.

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