Friday, September 04, 2009

App Review: Comics for iPhone

From AllAboutiPhone:

Is it the future of comics, and of periodicals in general? There is a move towards digital distribution – aside from iPhone-specific apps, Marvel have already made a move into this space with their (web-based) digital comics. For me though, reading comics at a computer doesn’t work for any decent-length comic (or book). Perhaps this is where Apple’s fabled tablet will come in.

James Burland wrote an interesting piece on the possible Apple tablet, which could serve as the uber digital book reader. Apple could then own this space by allowing comic, magazine and other subscriptions through iTunes. Could this replace paper? Convenience will beat aesthetics, for some people.

But for now, the Comics app from Comixology is a superb platform for discovering and viewing new comics. The app could especially come into its own as a method of distributing indie comics. It’ll never quite be the same as reading it on paper, but I have to say it’s pretty damn close.Read more:

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