Monday, September 21, 2009

Appletell reviews SplashID password management for iPhone, iPod touch

From Appletell:

Quite honestly, I’m not sure how I went so long without having an application such as SplashID at my disposal. It was a life of transferring password secure word processing documents. Of trial and error. Of passwords e-mailed between my home and office computers. How’s that for security?

There’s just so much junk to remember these days that a password/data management program is pretty much a necessity. I’ve tried a few before for both the Mac and the iPhone, but they were usually too proprietary. Apps for helping me manage my website passwords, for example, did little to help me organize my software registration information; the required information was too disparate.

But now I’ve tried the iPhone app SplashID from SplashData, and I’ve finally found an app that understands data security is a fairly broad issue. Registration numbers, bank account access, website passwords…SplashID is ready for them all, and it keeps them in tightly packed in a clean interface.

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