Wednesday, May 20, 2009

First Look: File Magic 2.0 for iPhone

From TUAW:

If there's a genre of iPhone app that's even more prevalent than fart apps, it's file transfer and viewing apps.
File Magic 2.0 (click opens iTunes) is the newest entry into this market from SplashData, an app development firm with years of history in the mobile space. As with the other apps of this type, File Magic provides a way to send files from a Mac or PC to an iPhone or iPod touch, then view those files on the handheld.
For those of you who are using Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, you'll be happy to know that File Magic supports the XML-based .xlsx, .docx, and .pptx file formats for viewing, as well as a number of other document, sound, image, and video file formats.

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