Thursday, May 14, 2009

GearDiary takes on SplashPhoto and PhoneFace

SplashPhoto review at GearDiary...

I’ve been testing out SplashPhoto for iPhone for the last few weeks. Until this application I’d been emailing all my photos to Flickr which generally works ok except that the process can be a cumbersome one. SplashPhoto makes the management of your photos especially easy for anyone who uses either Flickr or Picasa (the two web photo management sites supported) because you can upload multiple photos at one time instead of the cumbersome one-by-one process that email demands.

SplashPhoto allows for geotagging (recording the exact location) your photos. You can also move them between different albums on your handheld as well as upload bunchs of photos at one time to either Flickr or Picasa.

PhoneFace, with Twitter support, at GearDiary...

PhoneFace has now added Twitter support, enabling you to call, email, or send an SMS to your contacts by flipping through photos.

You have the choice of loading a photo you’ve taken with your smartphone’s camera, or by selecting the option to use either their Twitter or Facebook profile pic.

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