Wednesday, May 20, 2009

SplashPhoto for iPhone review

From Frapstr:

SplashPhoto is a photo organizer and manager with sync capabilities between the desktop and the iPhone. It is intended to let you manage all of your device’s photos and keep them organized in one place, properly synchronized between your desktop and handheld. Yes, yes, iTunes can sync photos too, but let’s face it: Its photo capabilities stink like a Chinese restaurant’s dumpster in the hot sun carried on a strong wind. Sure, you can access your iPhone’s camera roll when it’s docked just like you would any other digital camera, but that’s all manual management. What SplashPhoto brings to the table is a proper image manager with the capability to import images from your camera roll and file them away in your own categories, thus allowing you to organize them the way you want. Those categories, and the images therein, can be synchronized with the desktop.

Furthermore, SplashPhoto also allows you to sync up your Picasa and/or Flickr libraries in the same way; all you need to do is give it your login and password for each and it will allow you to download photos from your online account, or upload photos from your device. This way you can share them with anyone online — and also eliminate any purpose-built apps you may have on your springboard that are designed to do the same thing with your online photo accounts.

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