Tuesday, May 25, 2010

[App Review] BugMe! Ink Notes & Alarms for iPad

From MobilePadNews:

BugMe! takes the post-it note to the next level with notifications. Be it you'd like to share these notes with a -lot- of people, it can be sent to Twitter. If you want to share it with a friend privately, they can be shared via e-mail. Say you really are proud of your post-it note masterpiece? You can save it to your photo gallery or even your home screen. Lastly, alarms can be set up to remind yourself of a particular note. This feature now works even when BugMe! isn't running, which is a welcome update. BugMe now supports push notifications so you can get reminded at all times.

For those late-nite notes, BugMe! has been a god-send. I personally love the fact I can messily doodle my notes up and ship them off to myself for posterity via e-mail or even twitter.

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