Friday, June 26, 2009

PhoneFace for Android by Electric Pocket... a review

From PalmAddicts:

PhoneFace is a simple photo speed dial for your phone. While the graphic quality on Android is not the greatest, photos are a bit fuzy, but it is not bad (could also be a pre-cupcake release issue...). With Android 1.5 (Cupcake) PhoneFace is a nice widget on top of your window. As for where to get your photos, PhoneFace comes with a set of icons or you can use images you have on your phone, as well as your contact photos. But one of its best features is that you can retrieve photos of your contacts on Facebook and Twitter. This means anytime you want a new photo of a friend for their speed dial and contact, you can use PhoneFace to grab them from Facebook. And yes, if you update the photo of a contact's speeddial, their contact photo itself is updated.

So basically PhoneFace is basically a simple photo 'Rolodex' for your phone...

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