Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Morgan Slain interviewed on TechTalk radio program

Morgan Slain from SplashData joins Craig Peterson on the TechTalk radio program to discuss how they have become the leading provider of productivity software for smartphones. These include Palm OS/Treo, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry and Symbian – as well as other Windows and Macintosh platforms. Their flagship product, SplashWallet, is a suite of applications that provides a complete solution for managing passwords, digital photos, financial accounts, lists, notes and more, and then synchronizing this information between a phone or PDA and a PC. They continue to sell the components of the SplashWallet suite individually as SplashID, SplashPhoto, SplashMoney and SplashShopper.

The interview also addresses the future of Google's Android mobile platform.

Listen to the interview here.

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