Thursday, July 31, 2008

txtForward sends BlackBerry SMS messages to your email

Electric Pocket has launched txtForward for BlackBerry. txtForward automatically forwards SMS text messages received on your BlackBerry to any email address you supply. Using txtForward to send your incoming text messages to email can be useful in a number of different ways...

Some people want to backup all their text messages, so they have them safely stored away for future use. You can use txtForward to have emails sent to a gmail account, for example, where your messages will be archived forever.

Other people are more focused on email as they work through the day. Maybe they even leave their BlackBerry in their bag while they work at their desks. txtForward makes sure they don't miss an incoming SMS message, as they can have sent to their email inbox - so it shows up on their desktop PC, in Outlook for example.

Some folks have to juggle a couple of phones, maybe a work phone and a personal phone, or maybe they're swapping from a BlackBerry to an iPhone and have a new phone number. With txtForward running on the BlackBerry you won't miss any SMS text messages sent to one phone while you use the other, or if your friends don't have your new number yet.

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