Monday, June 30, 2008

I hate shellfish, but I love LobsterTunes

I came across Lobster Tunes while searching for other ways to make Orb work with Windows Mobile. This program works really slick with any uPnP media streaming, even Windows Media Player 11.

It lets me search any of my directories that I have setup with Orb for music, and it lets me stream that file over the AT&T network (since the Blackjack II doesn't have WiFi). Great if I really need to listen to the podcast I don't have with me but I left at home.

It also plays files stored locally on the device or memory card, plus has a list of online radio stations ready to go, without having to mess with your bandwidth at home. It even plays my songs sideloaded from Napster with ease.

Looks like LobsterTunes is one shellfish I'm going to keep an eye on all the time!

Full review is here.

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