Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Review: Comics by Comixology. Comic Books on the iPhone

By Just Another Mobile Monday:

I may have said this before, but I am something of a comic book junkie. Oh heck, I am like the comic book version of an alcoholic. I walk past the comic book store, and the smell of the slightly oxidized paper and cheap ink just drags me off to a different place. Before I know it, I have slipped into old habits and my wallet is $200 lighter. So, in order to avoid any slips, I make sure to cross the street before I go anywhere near a comic book shop.

Despite this weakness, I have managed to remain current with some of my favorite comic book characters via the Internet, which is nice, but a bit less than mobile. Heck, even paper and ink comics are easy to read on the train. Computers on the other hand…so, wouldn’t it be nice if you could make comics more mobile.

I mean, sure, some other folks have tried, but it never seemed to work out well on Windows Mobile and other platforms. The strip always just faded into nothing in order to be viewable on the screen, or just required so much scrolling that it was impossible to read. No one figured out a reasonable solution until now, so let’s go ahead and see if Comixology has found the better way.


I may never find anything which will compare to the experience of reading real paper and ink comics. But the truth is that this is about as close as any program has come to approximating that experience. I thought the controls were fantastic, and the app did a great job of making the comics accessible and readable.

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