Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Review: SplashTravel for iPhone by SplashData

From Gear Diary:

SplashData has been creating software for mobile devices since 2000, beginning with Palm software and the SplashWallet suite. As new platforms began to gain traction, SplashData expanded and began releasing software for them (BlackBerry, Series 60), and for a year now they’ve been releasing applications for the iPhone. One of their most recent releases is a version of their travel application, SplashTravel, for the iPhone.
In a way, it was also nice that the look and feel of the user interface was consistent from platform to platform; users knew what they were getting if they were migrating from say, Windows Mobile to iPhone. In the case of SplashTravel, there isn’t a Windows Mobile equivalent, but there is a Palm equivalent. This time around, SplashData revamped the interface from the Palm version to be more suitable for the iPhone’s screen, although it still retains an aesthetic that is similar to other SplashData iPhone software.

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